Working with Ben Andrus gives my clients and me peace of mind that the deal will get done on time and usually early. Ben is knowledgeable, helpful and looks out for the best interest of my clients. I recommend Ben to any agent that doesn’t want to worry about the lending portion of their transactions.

Torey Gannon
Real Estate Agent

Ben Andrus and his team are the only Loan Officers I use because they do the impossible when getting people qualified for loans.  If Ben says he can get the loan done, you can take his word for it.  I would and do recommend Ben to everyone I know who’s looking for a loan.

Denise Hanna
Real Estate Agent

It is always good to know that you are dealing with someone who is smart and well informed when you’re dealing with the serious notion of borrowing money. Ben has all of that but what is exceptional is that he is grounded in non-negotiable personal values and a sincere interest in helping other people. That is special.

John Foltz
Real Estate Business Owner

With the Ben Andrus Team I always know my clients are in the best hands possible. They will go above and beyond to be sure that my client is comfortable during the entire home buying process. My clients are always happy with their service. I will always refer my clients to the Ben Andrus Team.

Shelly Estrada
Real Estate Agent

I bring Ben clients that have been declined up to 2 or 3 times by other loan officers. Ben is always up to the challenge. With a little creativity we have always closed on time.

Ben and his people are always on top of everything and they communicate with me about what they need from my clients. I like that because that tells me they’re doing their job. I never have to push Ben or his associates for results. I know the difference between a good loan officer and
a bad one. I was a loan officer myself for many years.

Another good thing is that Ben knows a lot about credit and we work together to help clients improve their FICO scores so they’re ready to qualify for a mortgage loan.

I hope Ben will be around for a long time so I can count on him to close my client’s loans.

Leo Ochoa
Real Estate Agent

Ben is personable, professional and an expert with a high level of integrity. He always delivers the right solution at the right time with enthusiasm and a great work ethic. I consider Ben a business partner and would have no hesitation in recommending him.

Angela Kiernan
Asst. Vice President-Business Development

I have worked with Ben for approximately two years and I trust him implicitly with my business. My experience with him has been nothing short of professional and my clients feel the same. When handling finances, you want to ensure that you are working with someone who is trustworthy and capable. Ben is resourceful and steadfast. Always committed to doing whatever it takes to reach the end goal. I highly recommend Ben and his services and I know my clients would as well.

Jamie Ryan
Licensed Realtor

“Ben has been my preferred lender since 2010, helping hundreds of my clients attain the best financing for their specific needs and situation. Ben is very knowledgeable when it comes to loan programs, current rates, and even underwriting standards. I am so confident in Ben’s abilities as a lender I insisted my brother and parents use him. He even just did my own loan! Ben is also an out of the box thinker and clients who have heard “No” from other lenders routinely get a “Yes” from Ben because he knows how to best use the loans programs available to him. 90% of the time docs are at title a week before close, and in the rare times they aren’t he ALWAYS does what is needed to make it work so my clients can close on time. In our 5 years of working together I can only recall 2 times the loans closed late. In short Ben is the best business partner I have and I am very happy to recommend him to you as well!”


As your customer:


“Ben has done loans and refinances for my whole family. He helped my dad with a zero down VA loan, my brother with both the purchase and refinance of his current house, along with a refinance of a rental property. He has helped my wife and I refinance our rental and most recently purchase a brand new home with a loan even the builders lender couldn’t match. His process is smooth, his team is fantastic, communication was great and most importantly he did what he said would do, and closed on time! Thanks Ben”

Matt Long

Ben and his team are TOP NOTCH.  The best part about working with them is that they continually solve problems, when it seems like no one else has any answers. They treat every one of the clients I send to them as if they were family, caring for specific needs and giving special care to difficult situations. I always know that solution to a buyers needs will be the best option for THAT BUYER, not just the best or easiest option for the lender. Ben and Matt go above and beyond and that’s why it’s an honor to send my buyers to them.  They do things the RIGHT WAY, and they get them done when they need to be done!  Grateful to be able to work with them.

Chris Lundberg

My experience with Primary Residential Mortgage and their team have been an amazing one! They are always working with their client’s best interest in mind! You can trust that Primary Residential Mortgage is Reliable, Trustworthy, and Competitive! You will be taken care of from beginning to end; whether you need to refinance or buy the home of your dreams they’ll work for you to meet your needs!

Nelson Milano and Griselda Campos
Real Estate Agents

Several years ago I had the pleasure of working with Ben Andrus when my husband and I were refinancing our home.  I was so impressed with Ben that when my Sons were purchasing homes, Ben was the only person I recommended.  Ben’s regular and effective communication had the entire transaction run smoothly and stress free.  If you are looking to purchase a home or refinance your current home, use Ben Andrus; you will thank me.

Heidi Zebro
Real Estate Agent

I found the Andrus team after a lengthy search period and disappointment with multiple lenders. I cannot even begin to describe the confidence and professionalism that the Andrus Team provides to both myself as an agent and my clients. Ben is incredibly passionate about helping buyers purchase that “dream home” and accomplish their financial goals. By keeping very open lines of communication and aligning with the clients as an ally in their purchase, Ben quickly becomes one of the most effective and admired members of the clients’ team.

Shaunna Patterson-Beach
Master Real Estate Consultant

It’s been the pleasure of both my team and my client base to work with Ben Andrus and his lending team. They serve our clients at a very high level and work diligently to close every loan. The professionalism and constant communication makes for a very seamless and uncomplicated process for our buyers. Any day of the week I would recommend Ben and his team. In fact, they answer their phone…every day of the week!

Kimberly Ryan
Associate Broker/Realtor

“I’d like to sincerely Thank Ben Andrus and the staff at Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc. From the start of my journey with you till the end of closing, you were always in contact with me giving me updates. I have to say I was really impressed with the communication you all had with me and my client. As you know, we had Melody pre-qualified and found a condo that was being sold by a builder. They offered closing costs paid if we went with their lender which sounded wonderful at the time so that’s what we went with.. As time went on, we were told they could not approve her. So we went to someone who could, you! I am amazed at how quickly the process was from going with one lender to the other but you were successful at pushing her through and I can’t tell you how much that means to a realtor and client who had been waiting on answers already. I would definitely recommend you to anyone who is in need of a great lender. Thanks again!”

Rachel Montoya

“I have worked with Ben Andrus for a long time. He is extremely passionate about the mortgage and real estate industry. He is a very hands on loan officer that is knowledgable and professional. He sincerely wants to help his clients to be in the best loan product and always goes above and beyond. I would recommend Ben Andrus to my clients, friends and family for their homebuying and refinance transactions anyday.”

Alex Roberts
Marketing Rep

“I have known Ben for approximately 5 years and have worked with him when he was as a licensed Realtor in New Home sales and also as a loan officer. In all cases the working relationship we have is great and Ben is phenomenal in what he does. Ben goes above and beyond with constant communication and gives each client top notch service. It’s evident when you work with Ben that his top priority is putting his client’s needs first by instilling integrity/trust along the way. My business partner and I gladly and confidently refer clients to Ben as we know they will be in good hands and get the service and products they are promised.”

Brett Hultberg

“I can’t say that I have ever found a loan officer that was willing to jump for me at any beck and call. Ben Andrus is the only loan officer that I know who works as hard as I do to help buyers get through one of the toughest and most stressful steps to purchasing a home. When I have a client that needs to be preapproved day or night and even on the weekends, Ben is there and ALWAYS answers the call. My clients rant and rave about him and how knowledgeable he is on the different loan products and they cannot thank me enough for referring them to him.”

Megan Shaw
Realtor & CDPE

“Whether you are the buyer, realtor or title company, you are always in good hands when working with Ben. I’ve been working with him for years and not once has he let me down. His performance is stellar and his transactions are always hassle free. I can’t say enough good things about you Benny Boy! It’s truly a pleasure to work with someone with such a high level of honesty and integrity. Many thanks to you and your team!!”

Megan Connolly
Escrow Officer

“Ben is a great mortgage professional that gets things done right the first time. He is a pleasure to work with and I trust him completely.”

Andrew Poelman
Insurance Agent

“Just a quick note to “Thank you” for taking such great care of ALL my clients. What an awesome loan officer you are. It’s nice to know, with your knowledge of the business and expertise in your products; my clients are in good hands! What is most important to me is the way you keep me in loop on where we are in the process. What a great asset you are to my team. I look forward to years of mutual success together.”

Jim Poole

“As a Realtor – I know that there are many lenders available out there. Ben’s card is the one I hand out to my clients, because I know that when I refer a client to Ben he will be helpful, knowledgeable, patient and professional. I have referred clients to Ben in the past and I will continue to refer my clients to him in the future.Honesty and integrity is the bottom line in my business and is also the bottom line for Ben. I would recommend Ben to anyone!”

Darcy Cola